World-Edit Building Commands

The Minecraft server has WorldEdit, a plugin that assists in building. If you are in my survival world, you’ll have to have the required blocks in your inventory. If you’re in the creative, you do not have to. It is important, however, that you always make sure that you can see where the commands will place things, and that you will not place creations over other people’s creations. If you do a worldedit command and it destroys something else, try //undo.

That said, you should be ready to play.

Here are a few commands you might want to try:

//hpyramid sandstone 4
//pyramid sandstone 3

Can you guess what the differences between those are? The h makes the command build a hollow shape. The number at the end tells the height of the pyramid.

//hcyl wool:2 5 10
//cyl wool 5 -20

The hollow cylinder command above will make a ten block tall cylinder out of magenta wool,  because the command includes the datavalue for magenta wool. The filled cylinder command above will make a white wool cylinder going down 20 blocks below. Both commands create cylinders with a radius of five blocks. Can you figure out how you would write a command that creates a hollow cylinder of sandstone that would have a radius of 3 and a height of 6?

//hsphere glass 6
//sphere glass 3,4,2

The first command of this set is pretty easy. You should be able to guess that it creates a hollow sphere out of glass. The radius is six blocks. The second command adds something different. Here the shape is going to stretch out 3 blocks from you towards the east and four blocks towards the west (the x axis), four blocks up and four blocks down (the y axis), and only two blocks to the north and two blocks to the south (the z axis).

If you want, you can list multiple materials, and the program will combine them to make your creation. The pink, orange and white creation was made using this command:

//hcyl wool:1,wool:2,wool:0 2 4

You can also use percentages. If you want to create a netherscape you might want to use something like this:

//cyl 95%netherrack,5%netherquartz_ore 2 15

That will create something like this little pillar here. Not very impressive, right? And it looks too…. perfect. So what you need to do is select the area and smoothen it. So, here’s how to do that:


Selecting an Area

There are two ways to select an area. Both involve going to one location and saying you want that location to be position one. Then you go to another area and select that as position two. Then everything in between those two locations is “selected.” So how do you say you want something to be position one or two? You can use commands:



Or you can use the wand. To use the wand you are going to type //wand. That command will give you a plain wooden axe and instructions to use left-click for position one and right-click for position two. In other words, for one corner of the selection you use the axe while pretending to break a block and in the other you use the axe while pretending to place a block.

Once you have the area selected you can manipulate it. If you’re making a netherscape like I was suggesting above, you’d want to use //smooth. You might even want to use it two or three times. That will smooth the edges so you have something looking more like a hill. It might still not seem impressive, but if you try varying the size of your cylinders and then smoothening them, you can create something like this:

Smoothening a surface isn’t the only thing you can do. The following are a few examples:

//set stonebrick

//replace sand cobblestone

//replace wool:0 wool:5

You can also copy the area and paste it, rotating or flipping it in between. For example you could use this:

  1. Select your area. (//pos1 and //pos2 or using the wand)
  2. Copy. (//copy)
  3. Rotate 90.
  4. Paste



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