Lesson Ideas for Skip Counting in Minecraft

Build your math skills in Minecraft. Here is a video about how to practice skip counting using the teleport command. Skip counting can be a good start to multiplication.

You could expand this exercise in many ways.

Variation 1. Build towers at regular intervals and use the teleport command to skip between them. Put signs on each tower with the related multiplication equation. So on the first tower, at 0,0,0 write: 7 * 0 = 0. Then use the command /tp ~7 ~0 ~0 to teleport to the next location. Build a tower there and place a sign saying: 7 * 1 = 7. Repeat the command, build another tower, and write 7 * 2 = 14.

Then stand on the first tower. Choose a tower to teleport to and teleport directly. For example, teleport to the fourth tower by writing /tp ~28 ~0 ~0. The number 28 is chosen because 7 * 4 = 28. Repeat the command with a minus sign before the 28 to return to your starting tower. What number do you need to do to jump to the 7th tower?


Variation 2. Use the setblock command instead of the teleport command. For example:

  • /setblock ~8 ~0 ~0 diamond_ore
  • /setblock ~16 ~0 ~0 diamond_ore
  • /setblock ~24 ~0 ~0 diamond_ore

Remember to use the up arrow to get back your old command so you can modify it rather than retyping everything. Continue the pattern until you have placed at least ten blocks.

Then use the teleport command to teleport to them. Now you can use just /tp ~8 ~0 ~0 over and over. Mine up your ore!

Looking for other Minecraft math ideas? Cobblestone Academy Facebook page has a video on practicing addition.

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