Cobblestone Academy is an online learning community, recently rebooted as a method as a virtual playground for kids to reconnect during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Cobblestone Academy is run by me, Christy Knockleby. I am a homeschooling mother, avid bookworm and Minecraft enthusiast. My children introduced me to Minecraft five years ago, and I began blogging about some of the learning activities I used Minecraft for. I was recruited to teach Minecraft classes by an online homeschoolers’ group. After several years of teaching with them I am setting out on my own with Cobblestone Academy. I also teach on Outschool.

Part of my incentive for creating Cobblestone Academy was the realization that students were interested in using my server not just for their class time but for playing outside of class. The server functions as a sort of virtual playground where students can interact with their classmates and make friends. Although I’m not on the server all day, I do try to keep watch on the server logs to make sure everything is going ok. I work with children to encourage their social skills and problem solving skills so that they can handle the little social challenges that turn up in a shared space.

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