Navigating Cobblestone Academy Server

There are four main ways of travelling on Cobblestone Academy Server, and no, they aren’t by foot, horse, boat, and elytra. They are using the teleport, warp, world, and back commands.


The teleport command itself can be used for several purposes. You can teleport to other people. If you wanted to teleport to someone known as Minecraftplayer, you would type:

/tp Minecraftplayer

On many servers if you can put two names, the first name being that of the person who will teleport and the second the destination. On my Minecraft server, you cannot do this. You can only put the destination.

The destination for a teleport command does not need to be a player. It can be a set of coordinates within the world. These can be absolute coordinates such as (4 65 100) or relative coordinates such as (~130 ~0 ~0). The relative coordinates teleport you the specified distance from where you were.


Warps are shortcuts to specific set places. Use /warps to get a list of the warps and then use /warp to go to the specific place. For example, you can use /warp grammarvillage. Misspelling the warp name will get you a message saying that you don’t have permission to use that command. Open the chat box and use the up arrow to get the command back. Then you can correct the spelling.


Cobblestone Academy has many different maps. The world command will allow you to travel between the maps.

/world spawn
This command will take you to the Cobblestone Academy Castle.

/world survival
This command will take you to the new survival world.

/world creative
This command will take you to the new creative world.


The /back command gets you back to where you were before you teleported or died.