Keeping your child safe on Minecraft takes teamwork. At Cobblestone Academy I'm focused on building a community with players and parents.

Keeping Your Child Safe on Minecraft

Your child’s safety is important to me. The following are how I work to keep your child safe at Cobblestone Academy.

On the Server:

Cobblestone Academy Server is whitelist only. This means only the people I allow on may access the server.

I allow students ages 6 – 15 to access the server. Occasionally I will whitelist a parent to allow the parent to assist their children in completing homework assignments. I may at some point add other staff or assistants.

I monitor the server chat and keep an eye on who is coming on. I watch how players interact with one another.

I host online events to provide a chance for students to interact with live audio and video in supervised conditions.

I talk with children about online safety.


On the Webpage:

Parent and student share one login. Parents have access to everything their child does.

Areas in which students can post comments or discussion are members only. Despite this I urge people not to share personal information and will remove comments that I fear may reveal to much information about a student.


Most Importantly:

I am committed to parent involvement. I will contact you if I see situations on the server that I think you need to be aware of. I work to build a relationship with everyone in my server community.

I welcome feedback at anytime. If you or your child has a concern about something happening on the server, let me know!


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