My Policies

Cobblestone Academy Minecraft offers live online classes on a Zoom platform and a Minecraft server as well as and asynchronous classes using pre-recorded messages and activities.

Students of live online classes are invited to continue using the Minecraft server and participating in community activities after their class has ended, on condition they continue to abide by the server rules.


Students will need a copy of the Java Edition of Minecraft.

They will need a reasonably reliable internet connection.

Students will need a quiet space in which to take the class. Background conversations and distractions will result in a student’s mic being muted, which can interfere in the child’s ability to participate in the class.

Students need to attend class on time and prepared to participate. Misbehaviour during class may result in a child being removed from the class. Misbehaviour on the server may result in a child’s access to the server being restricted or removed.

Parents  discuss the server rules with all students.

Parents must be prepared to  provide supervision for their child if their child is disruptive during class.

Other resources will be specified in the class descriptions.


Up to three days before a class starts, I will offer a refund of all but a $2 processing fee.

On classes of two or less sessions, refunds will be offered at my discretion.

On classes longer than three sessions, partial refunds will be offered up to the beginning of the second session.

Full refunds will be offered if I am unable to teach the class.

No refund will be offered if a child is removed for breaking class or server rules. I do not apply this penalty lightly. I work with a great variety of children and understand that some children need additional support and assistance to behave in cooperative manners. If a student in a class is causing problems, I will speak with the child and his or her parents to try to figure out ways we can help the child to participate in a non-disruptive manner.

I try to compromise on refunds and will often, at my own discretion, go beyond the refund policy listed here to help make things right for people. What is listed above is the minimum I can promise you. Beyond that, I’ll try.



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