Minecraft Grammar

I’m slowly building a collection of videos about grammar. These are based off of the live Minecraft grammar class I used to teach, but have been adapted in video form so that you can do the activities on single player worlds instead of participating in the group activities on my server.

After I teach nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs I like to teach about prepositional phrases. Prepositional phrases start with a preposition. (Think of the word “preposition” as the “pre-position” or the before position of the prepositional phrase.) Prepositional phrases connect an extra noun to the rest of the sentence. They explain a relationship.

For example: The chest is under the tree.

How is the chest connected to the tree? It is under it.

Parents, play a game with your children. Ask them to hide nine different colored wool blocks somewhere in Minecraft and then tell you where they are using prepositional phrases. Alternatively, just choose a Minecraft picture like the one below and take turns saying sentences that include prepositional phrases.

“The road goes between two towers.”

“The walls go around the houses.”

I explain more about prepositional phrases in this video introducing my method of modeling sentences in Minecraft.

Modeling sentences with Minecraft helps students get a look at common sentence patterns. Where do adjectives normally appear?  What comes after a preposition? What types of words are most frequently used at the beginning of sentences?

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