Cobblestone Academy Membership

Cobblestone Academy is moving towards a paid membership format. Why buy a membership?

  • Your children get access to a friendly, whitelist-only server. The server is run by a homeschooling mother (Christy Knockleby) who is serious about trying to help kids learn.
  • Your children get invitations to special events on the server where we use web conferencing tools to talk while playing.
  • Your children get access to my flexible-schedule independent study resources for learning to use plugins to create special custom mobs on the server. Learning to make special mobs is a great introduction to PROGRAMMING!
  • You get discounts for live, interactive classes through Cobblestone Academy. Many of these classes take place in Minecraft. A few do not.

The price for a membership is $10 a month or $20 for three months and I meet with you on a video chat to begin with to show you around the server. Membership gives you a discount on the cost of classes through Cobblestone Academy.

Paid memberships are not required for current members of live online Minecraft classes, and for those who have been “grandfathered in” because they were on my server for long periods of time before the membership option became available.

If you’ve been in a class with me and would like to continue on the server but the cost is going to be prohibitive, please discuss alternatives with me.

Cobblestone Academy runs on Minecraft JAVA, so please make sure that is the version you’re using before signing up!

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