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Newsletter Follower Hey! Thanks for being a part of our community. If you're not on the server yet, we'll hope to see you on it eventually. Take your time though. Look around. Don't be afraid to contact me.


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Pay for 2 Months, Get 1 Free All the benefits of paid membership, but at a lower cost if you subscribe for 3 months at a time. You also get a higher discount rate on classes!


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If you have never been on my server but are buying a paid membership I ask that you book a time with me in which I can show you around. Booking options are presented in the confirmation message. Please include children’s names, ages, and Minecraft usernames in the additional information section of the form.

Participation on the server is conditional to participants following the rules of the server. When there are problems on the server I contact participants and parents to try to work out a solution for everyone, but occasionally I may need to revoke a membership or place restrictions on participant’s account. (For example, theft in the survival world may result in being banned from the survival world portion of the server for a few days or a week. The child will be encouraged to continue using the server and prove his or her responsibility.)

I use the server for teaching and the server will be closed to non-students during class time. This means that four or five times a week there may be an hour or so when a student is not allowed to play. Regular active members on the server are sometimes allowed to continue playing there, quietly, while I’m teaching, but that is at my discretion.

The courses listed at the side of this page are flexible scheduled pre-recorded classes your child gains access to with the purchase of the membership.

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