Glimpses of the Server in March, 2018

The server has been busy this past while. Take a look at some of what has been happening.

The Minecraft Space Class built this awesome Mars base and rocket ship.

A group of past students came together to build this castle for my survival world. Go south from the starting village to find it. There are some boats nearby that can take you to other locations on the map.

One of my students was building these fascinating concert halls.

The Easter Bunny was hiding Easter Eggs (early) and some people have taken to decorating their houses with them. You can catch baby Easter Bunnies in the survival world if you’re quick. They’ll disappear leaving you with some eggs. The Easter Egg hunt was curtesy of my son QueBee.

Students made Celtic knots at my St. Patrick’s Day Party.

My son GrnKnght and I were experimenting with building memory chips in Minecraft. We built this combination door lock. The beauty of this is that the lock holds four different combinations, set by pressing levers not changing the Redstone. Every time you walk through the door the locking system rotates to the next of the four combinations, so that the current settings of the levers is no longer correct and the door closes automatically. The light system on the side tells a person which of the four combinations the lock is waiting for.

One of my former students has decided the server needs more minigames. He has been dedicatedly working on a minigame map. It is still a work-in-progress and not all the games are hooked up yet, but here is a glimpse of what is being built.

Other students and former students have been playing in the survival world. I’ve noticed this little village being built.

I greatly enjoy watching the server community grow. Everyone brings such different skills and interests to the server.

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