Minecraft Creative Writing

Minecraft Creative Writing

This is a flexible scheduled creative writing class. This means that there are not weekly meetings and you will not be talking to your classmates. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own though! We’ll be interacting in a number of ways.

1) You will have videos to watch to encourage your writing.
2) You will send me your story up to 5 times, and I’ll send it back to you with comments and feedback!
3) You will be invited to book a live webcam session with me where we can talk about how your story is going and what you need to do to work on it.

Are you excited?! I am. I love writing and I love seeing what students write.

The feedback you receive may include some corrections on spelling and grammar, but the main focus will be on encouraging you to build your characters, setting and plot.

* Note: this course is intended for students 9 – 14 years old. It is not a substitute for paying for a professional editor if you are seeking to self-publish your book.

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started
  • Strengthening your Writing
  • Editing and Grammar
  • Going Further


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