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Selecting Your Area

There are two ways to select an area. Both involve going to one location and saying you want that location to be position one. Then you go to another area and select that as position two. Then everything in between those two locations is “selected.” So how do you say you want something to be position one or two?

One way is to use the wand. To do this you are going to type //wand. That command will give you a plain wooden axe and instructions to use left-click for position one and right-click for position two. In other words, for one corner of the selection you use the axe while pretending to break a block and in the other you use the axe while pretending to place a block. Purple text should tell you that you did it correctly.

Sometimes we want to select an area where there is no block to conveniently tap with our wand. So we can use the position command. Fly to the corner of the location you want to select and type:




You can use the commands to select both corners, or you can use a command for one and the wand for the other.

You have another choice. Instead of going to those positions you could type the coordinates in.

//pos1 234,21,23

//pos2 234,21,60

(Note that there are no spaces there between the coordinates.)

In the next lesson we’ll talk about what you can do when you have selected an area, but for now try this command:

//set diamond_ore

If when you’ve done that command you find that the pile of diamond ore goes through something someone has created use this to undo:



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